International study tours for builders, real estate companies, developers, architects and engineers

ArkiTours provide international study tours for groups, mostly abroad, but also in Denmark. 

The very special thing about our visiting programs is the fact that your will get inside the building and you will meet with the city planner, the architect or ingenieur behind. We provide access to all types of projects, from kindergardens to new housing, offices, aboratories and architects offices. 

Some of most important themes for tour programming in 2019: 


  • How to build in line with the UN17 goals
    LAR projects (local admission of rain water); re-use of building materials, sustainable energy consumption, green waste solutions in housing, solar cells and Low Carbon Buildings Emission (LCB). We locate the most recent projects and you will learn from the people behind.


  • City-development in former industrial areas
    Housing and mixed-use quartiers replaces the old industrial sites, the best examples you will find when you go to Copenhagen, Ålborg, Århus (DK) and Hamburg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam,Stockholm Antwerpen and Helsinki.

  • Wood, wood and more wood                                 Wood is the most sustainable building material, we have. It lasts for hundreds of years and is fast to design. In the future we will see a lot more projects in wood, from train stations to housing and schools. Join us for our to learn from the world’s finest architects, wood production plants and craft techniques.  


  • Public spaces, people will use This topic links to city development as it is all about designing for the life between the buildings (Gehl Architects). In particular, our programs to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London and Copenhagen consist of a variety of projects that give you a deeper understanding of the components of livable public space.

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ArkiTours on a biking tour in the Copenhagen Harbor with 32 Swedish architects in September 2019. We saw and visited new schools, housing, BIG arch and got inside the apartments and new areas under development.
Photo: Maritime Museum, BIG Architects

© Luca Santiago Mora

Photo: New Station, Køge North, South of Copenhagen: Dissing + Weitling, COBE and COWI
Photo: Visiting the North Wing of the State Hospital: 'Rigshospitalet' : Architects: 3XN and Arkitema
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